FAQs for Boards or Committees of Associations, Clubs, Schools or Not-For-Profits

Fundraise Mall is designed specifically for Not for Profit Organisations (NFP) such as early childhood centres, schools, universities, sports clubs, community services, corporate social clubs, churches, service clubs and charities.

Questions that Committees or Boards may want answered:


The Fundraise Mall is a collection of already existing online stores that are willing to provide to your NFP a sales commission when purchasers access their stores through the Fundraise Mall portal on your web site, or via a phone App. The Fundraise Mall is the interface between your NFP and the collection of retailers. This arrangement benefits all parties: your NFP will get sales commission from items purchased through your site’s Fundraise Mall; the Fundraise Mall retailers will get increased traffic and potentially increased sales; FRM Hosting gets a hosting fee from the NFP and Fundraise Mall Operations gets a management fee on sales commisions. This only occurs when your Fundraise Mall generates income. Keep in mind that it’s not our mall, “it’s your Fundraise Mall.”

What exactly are we asking our NFP members and community to do?

You are asking your NFP members and community to purchase thoughtfully and buy through your Fundraise Mall whenever they can. This is particularly relevant if your NFP community is made up of young people, (16 to 34) who are increasingly buying online to get the best deal. Your NFP is asking them to check your Fundraise Mall to see if the shops they are planning to buy from is in the Fundraise Mall. It will become increasingly likely that the online shop with the items they want to buy will be in “Your Fundraise Mall.”

Is the backend payment system secure?

Your Fundraise Mall is extremely secure. Your password is invisible to us, and your Fundraise Mall does not process any transactions.

Are the customers’ (parents, club members, friends, and families) personal details secure?

Your Fundraise Mall does not collect ANY of the details of parents, club members, friends and families. So yes, personal details are totally secure from the Fundraise Mall as they are not collected or stored. Of course, the security of your financial details rests with the stores where you shop. Each store manages its own financial security. Remember, these online stores are the same stores where you already shop. The only difference is that you access the entire collection of supporting stores through your Fundraise Mall.

Are there any risks to my NFP if the retailer does something wrong with the transaction.

The buyer clearly knows they went into an online store that was advertised on your Fundraise Mall, in the same way they may have seen an ad for an online sale in the Sydney or NZ Herald. We don't think any buyer would find fault with the Herald's or the Fundraise Mall if the retailer screwed up the transaction. If they did however, it is covered in

Are the online retail stores chosen for their brand qualities/product qualities or just whoever wants to be part of the mall?

Fundraise Mall Limited decides on the composition of its retail community and is actively engaged in maximizing the effectiveness of the Fundraise Mall. We carefully vet who is invited to join the mall. The composition of the Fundraise Mall will be expected to change over time; stores such as Marks and Spencer have declined to join us at present until we increase our sales volumes. When you sign up, you will see in your profile that you can already select/deselect groups of shops by category, or by individual store thus personalizing Your Fundraise Mall. We already have over 7,500 stores and are targeting over 100,000.

Why has the Fundraise Mall got worldwide shops and not just New Zealand or Australian Retailers?

So we can offer competitive deals and more variety from those countries that are ahead of NZ, in terms of online stores, those who have a larger population base to support them. It is likely that as New Zealand embraces Online Consumer Affiliate Programs that the stores will be Australasian based as the NZ population is to small to support its own.

Is anyone else doing an Online Mall?

Yes, Air New Zealand and Qantas have added nearly the same online mall program to their Frequent Flyer clubs. Air NZ are giving away approximately 1% commission in the form of air points (NZ$10 spent = Air NZ Air Point $0.10) and retaining the remaining percentage for its own income. Your Fundraise Mall is getting approximately 10% commission in the form of cash to your NFP, School, Association or Club and Fundraise Mall is retaining 2% to run the business.

Is there financial risk carried by our NFP?

Our Favourite Question

There is absolutely no financial risk to your NFP. As one School Principal said, "This is a no brainer." Your NFP simply pay Web hosting fees ($250) and operational costs of 20% per month, if there is income. If there is no income, there isn't any fee! The fees cannot roll forward and accumulate – if there is no activity in a month, the fees are void.

How much work is there for our NFP?

There is almost no work in setting this up. The Board/Committee will probably discuss it longer than the less than two minutes it takes to set up.

Can our NFP do this with shops directly?

This mall concept is based on Affiliate Marketing, which is a worldwide multibillion dollar business with many players. Retailers will not work directly with an individual NFP, School, Association or Club as the low volume is uneconomic. Retailers work with affiliate programs to gross up the sales volume. The Fundraise Mall enables an individual NFP, school or club to become part of a larger group and enjoy the benefits of an affiliate program for fund raising. In short, an individual NFP, charity, school or club cannot do this on their own; they need to be part of a larger group and of course, have access to the Fundraise Mall software.

How quickly will we see income and how long will our income stream last?

This is not a quick fund raising scheme, but rather a sensible approach for a long term benefit. It will most probably deliver revenue for years. As the younger online purchase generations get older, the sales commissions from advertising the shops will increase. This is the direction of the future. Your individual School, Association or Club will do well to be on board. Advertisers' commissions flow to you by the 30th of the month, 3 months following the month that the goods were purchased, i.e. for goods purchased in January your commissions will be paid out in April.This delay enables the stores to take into account refunds and retuned goods. 

How do we earn more in commissions?

Your organisation’s promotion of your Fundraise Mall is directly linked to the income it gains from it. Promote your Fundraise Mall and spread the word, particularly among 16 to 34 year olds, as they are your current and future supporters.

Can we have our organisation’s branding and logos on our Fundraise Mall?

Yes. Upload a copy of your logo and we will up load it to your Fundraise Mall free of charge.

How many stores will be on our Fundraise Mall?

You have over 7,500 stores now, in time that will rise to 100,000+.

Can we choose the stores in our Fundraise Mall?


In your Online Profile you can select/unselect to display stores by category and by individual store.